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Google Analytics lets you measure your advertising ROI as well as track your Flash,video,and social networking sites and applications.

Google Analytics'sFeatures
  • 分析工具-谷歌分析是建立在强大的,easy to use,reporting platform,so you can decide what data you want to view and customize your reports,with just a few clicks.
  • Content Analytics- Content reports help you understand which parts of your website are performing well,哪些页面最受欢迎,以便为客户创造更好的体验。
  • 社交分析-网络是一个社交场所,谷歌分析可以衡量你的社交媒体程序的成功。You can analyze how visitors interact with sharing features on your site (like the Google +1 button) and engage with your content across social platforms.
  • 移动分析-谷歌分析帮助你衡量移动对你的业务的影响。Additionally,if you build mobile apps Google Analytics offers Software Development Kits for iOS and Android so you can measure how people use your app.
  • Conversion Analytics- Find out how many customers you're attracting,how much you're selling and how users are engaging with your site with Google Analytics' range of analysis features.
  • Advertising Analytics- Make the most of your advertising by learning how well your social,mobile,search and display ads are working.Link your website activity to your marketing campaigns to get the complete picture and improve your advertising performance.

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