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反应到目前为止是一个非常加速的趋势Angular 2那即使它确实带来了一些新的东西,而且它很优雅(足够了)。不是每个人都是一个打字高手,也不需要打字。CoffeeScript is way more elegant anyway.So althoughAngular 2有了新的牵引力,反应is here to stay,it will cover more and more ground and be part of 亚博提现规则stacks at companies all over the globe so it can not be ignored and it is a sure bet.

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热罐热罐 Crazy EggCrazy Egg

We needed to look more into how user interact with certain pages (scroll,点击,move the mouse around) so we had to decide betweenCrazy Egg热罐.我过去使用过这两种解决方案,因此我熟悉每种解决方案的功能,but each one has a unique set of data sets and so it will fit diffrently for each case.At#亚博提现规则stacksharewe've decided to go withCrazy Egg主要是因为点击地图,我们可以看到人们点击某些元素的位置,buttons and clicks and we can spot bottle necks.A very good feature that热罐丢失也是点击流量的来源。由于日较差较大,有机的,用户行为方面的社交和推荐流量。

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之间巴斯坎普特雷略the battle was between ease of use and price.巴斯坎普packs a great set of features and if you are ready to move to an all in one solution: chat,文件存储,and a PM tool,那么@basecanp是目前为止的正确选择。但是,由于所有功能都在一个包中,无法自定义,搬到巴斯坎普但只使用工具的一部分感觉……好。。not right.On the other hand特雷略has the#看板format that is just too easy to use and the price point for small and midsize team that no one can beat.

At the end,all solutions have a good fit in some cases.A better fit.But I think特雷略can do the job in any case - it can fit with any scenario.

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When it comes to continuous Integration services,选择是困难的。There are several solutions available and it looks like the dev scene is very split.We've read and reviewed several solutions and we ended up making the choice betweenCodeship旗语.虽然旗语is used by slightly more developers,我们已经体验了一种更快、更容易的流程使用Codeship.Both do integrateSlackgithubvery well,因此,这不是一个将它们分开的点,两者都有一个复杂的定价系统,不容易计算和预测。然而,out in the wild,我们发现Codeship在大量使用有一个更好的价格点。

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决定是否同意克里斯米格for our main live user input analytics tool was based on the integrations available withSlack购物.Alterting the right people based on user actions without the noise that most of the tools will push as notification made the difference between克里斯米格以及这部分的其他部分。然后事实是Zapier可以连接克里斯米格with other apps likeSalesforce Sales CloudG Suite使过程非常顺利。

Also the fact that we can automate some of the campaigns is saving a lot of time

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虽然特雷略has some good and easy to use triggers to push updates from特雷略在我们使用的不同环境中,usingZapier让我们的生活更轻松。创建一个ZAP很容易,而对这些ZAP的全面管理是在一个全面的概述中进行审查和管理。


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大多数公司使用Google Analyticsvia the web interface.And although it packs a lot of power and features,它仍然缺乏与所有其他数据源的集成,你可以挂接搜索控制台和AdWords,但那就是它了。有一种方法你可以利用Google Analytics并将其与您拥有的任何其他数据源(来自您的后端或您可能使用的任何其他工具)重叠。And that is by using the Google Analytics API.Lots of people are familiar with its existence but few are using it.The decision to move and use Google API was based on the shortcomings of the web interface and the ability to collaborate using the same data set,the same view.

所以结合Chartio为了一个好的共享视图Google AnalyticsAPI和我们拥有的所有其他数据(Semrush,oncrawl和来自多个来源的后端数据)提供了我们关心的关键绩效指标的快速视图,以及一个可以轻松讨论的通用视图,尤其是对于远程团队。

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I use bothBalsamiqand Axure.不确定这两者是否是一个公平的比较,因为Balsamiqis used for quick mockups and Axure for complex dynamic ones.However,no matter how complex,I find thatBalsamiqcan cover the needs well.I useBalsamiqto showcase elements on a page for UX reasons mainly.只给设计团队几个方向-而不是规格。出于这些原因,it fits perfectly.The fact that it's a one time fee is also a great benefit - monthly subscriptions like Axure,虽然这很公平,这给季度预算和开支带来了沉重的负担。


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Lots of options to use when it comes to website uptime monitoring.价差如此之低,这已不再是一个因素,我们最终选择了上下因为感觉是对的:看和感觉,仪表板,easy to edit and add properties,clear and nice transparency overall.It just feels good.上下is using a credit system that can be managed by the timeframe you choose to get the site(s) checked!.Although I use credit card for payment - there is the option to pay via BTC.我可能永远也不会用那个-不过很高兴看到它。:)

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I used to be a hardcore fan ofSublime Text.我不是一个编码员,所以我只用它来快速编写脚本或四处游玩。I don't spend hours and hours a day withinSublime Text然而,去年(2017年)一位同事,开发人员,showed me原子- a game changer.Love the customisation and overall feel while coding.Again,I am not spending hours a day within but I've noticed I've spent more time playing around and coding stuff since i've moved to原子.

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