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Decision at ACK Foundry about Bitbucket,GitLab Pages,GitLab CI,GitHub,GitLab,OpenSourceCloud

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Senior Software Engineer at 亚博提现规则StackShare ·
Bitbucket Bitbucket
GitLab Pages GitLab Pages
GitLab CI GitLab CI
GitHub GitHub
GitLab GitLab

I useGitLabwhen building side-projects and MVPs.The interface and interactions are close enough to those ofGitHubto prevent cognitive switching costs between professional and personal projects hosted on different services.

GitLabalso provides a suite of tools including issue/project management,CI/CD withGitLab CI,and validation/landing pages withGitLab Pages.With everything in one place,on an#OpenSourceCloud GitLabmakes it easy for me to manage much larger projects on my own,than would be possible with other solutions or tools.

It's petty I know,but I can also read theGitLabcode diffs far more easily than diffs onGitHuborBitbucket...they just look better in my opinion.

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Decision at Zulip about GitLab,GitHub

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GitLab GitLab
GitHub GitHub

我有复杂的感情GitHubas a product and our use of it for the Zulip open source project.On the one hand,I do feel that being on GitHub helps people discover Zulip,because we have enough stars (etc.) that we rank highly among projects on the platform.and there is a definite benefit for lowering barriers to contribution (which is important to us) that GitHub has such a dominant position in terms of what everyone has accounts with.

But even ignoring how one might feel about their new corporate owner (MicroSoft),in a lot of ways GitHub is a bad product for open source projects.Years after the "Dear GitHub" letter,there are still basic gaps in its issue tracker:

  • You can't give someone permission to label/categorize issues without full write access to a project (including ability to merge things to master,post releases,etc.).
  • You can't let anyone with a GitHub account self-assign issues to themselves.
  • Many more similar issues.

It's embarrassing,because I've talked to GitHub product managers at various open source events about these things for 3 years,and they always agree the thing is important,but then nothing ever improves in the Issues product.Maybe the new management at MicroSoft will fix their product management situation,but if not,I imagine we'll eventually do the migration toGitLab.

We have a custom bot project,,to deal with some of these issues where possible,and every other large project we talk to does the same thing,more or less.

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Decision at mkdev about G Suite,GitLab,Rollbar,Stripe,MailChimp,Intercom,Basecamp,Slack,Trello

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G Suite G Suite
GitLab GitLab
Rollbar Rollbar
Stripe Stripe
MailChimp MailChimp
Intercom Intercom
Basecamp Basecamp
Slack Slack
Trello Trello

As a small startup we are very conscious about picking up the tools we use to run the project.After suffering with a mess of using at the same timeTrello,Slack,Telegram and what not,we arrived at a small set of tools that cover all our current needs.For product management,file sharing,team communication etc we choseBasecampand couldn't be more happy about it.For Customer Support and SalesIntercomworks amazingly well.We are usingMailChimpfor email marketing since over 4 years and it still covers all our needs.Then on payment side combination ofStripeand Octobat helps us to process all the payments and generate compliant invoices.On techie side we useRollbarandGitLab(for both code and CI).For corporate email we pickedG Suite.That all costs us in total around 300$ a month,which is quite okay.

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Decision at Samosprava about GitHub,GitLab,Bitbucket

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GitHub GitHub
GitLab GitLab
Bitbucket Bitbucket

Bitbucketprovides 5 private repositories for free that is I believe the best feature.GitLabseems very simmilar toGitHub.The only reason I've choosenGitHubis its popularity.It seems faster thanGitLab,uglier thanBitbucketand featured as others.The best open source projects are hosted onGitHub.Many applications are integrated withGitHublike my favourite #GitKraken.

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Decision about GitLab,Git,WebStorm,Amazon DynamoDB,AWS CloudFormation,AWS Lambda,Go,Bootstrap,redux-saga,Redux.js,React,JetBrains,Serverless

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Hack.Dev.Transcend. ·
GitLab GitLab
Git Git
WebStorm WebStorm
Amazon DynamoDB Amazon DynamoDB
AWS CloudFormation AWS CloudFormation
AWS Lambda AWS Lambda
Go Go
Bootstrap Bootstrap
redux-saga redux-saga
Redux.js Redux.js
React React

Working on a project recently,wanted an easy modern frontend to work with,与我们的后端。To get things going quickly,decided to go withReact,Redux.js,redux-saga,Bootstrap.

On the backend side,Gois a personal favourite,and wanted to minimize server overheads so went with a#serverlessarchitecture leveragingAWS Lambda,AWS CloudFormation,Amazon DynamoDB,etc.

For IDE/tooling I tend to stick to the#JetBrainstools:WebStorm/ Goland.

Obviously usingGit,withGitLabprivate repo's for managing code/issues/etc.

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Decision at Scrayos UG (haftungsbeschränkt) about GitLab,Sonatype Nexus

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CEO at Scrayos UG (haftungsbeschränkt) ·
GitLab GitLab
Sonatype Nexus Sonatype Nexus

We useSonatype Nexusto store our closed-source java libraries to simplify our deployment and dependency-management.While there are many alternatives,most of them are expensive (GitLabEnterprise ),monilithic ( @Artifactory ) or only offer SaaS-licences.We preferred the on-premise approach of Nexus and therefore decided to use it.

We exclusively use the Maven-capabilities and are glad that the modular design of Nexus allows us to run it very lightweight.

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Decision at Scrayos UG (haftungsbeschränkt) about Sentry,GitLab,PostgreSQL,MariaDB

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Sentry Sentry
GitLab GitLab
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
MariaDB MariaDB

We primarily useMariaDBbut usePostgreSQLas a part ofGitLab,Sentryand @Nextcloud,which (initially) forced us to use it anyways.While this isn't much of a decision – because we didn't have one (ha ha) – we learned to love the perks and advantages of PostgreSQL anyways.PostgreSQLs extension system makes it even more flexible than a lot of the other SQL-based DBs (that only offer stored procedures) and the additional JOIN options,the enhanced role management and the different authentication options came in really handy,when doing manual maintenance on the databases.

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Decision about Linux,GitLab,MySQL,Apache HTTP Server,Laravel,CPanel,RESTfulAPI

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Linux Linux
GitLab GitLab
Apache HTTP Server Apache HTTP Server
Laravel Laravel

I had a Wallet/Exchange project,I have been developing both#后端and #Frontend,Giving#RESTAPI to mobile developers too.I decided to useLaravelfor backend and build my#RESTfulAPIover that.So I usedLaravelPassport for#JWTAuthentication and host it over#cPanelhosting usingApache HTTP Serverand usingMySQLfor database.Not the perfect choice but it worked perfectly as a starter for project.We usedGitLabprivate repository for this project and we have been slightly unhappy because of several down-time we had over GitLab.All our team usedLinuxbased system for developing project so we shared our bash scripts over the repo and saved lots of time.

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Decision at Scrayos UG (haftungsbeschränkt) about Jenkins,GitLab Pages,GitLab,GitLab CI

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CEO at Scrayos UG (haftungsbeschränkt) ·
Jenkins Jenkins
GitLab Pages GitLab Pages
GitLab GitLab
GitLab CI GitLab CI

We useGitLab CIbecause of the great native integration as a part of theGitLabframework and the linting-capabilities it offers.The visualization of complex pipelines and the embedding within the project overview made Gitlab CI even more convenient.We use it for all projects,all deployments and as a part ofGitLab Pages.

While we initially used the Shell-executor,we quickly switched to the Docker-executor and use it exclusively now.

We formerly usedJenkinsbut preferred to handle everything withinGitLab.Aside from the unification of our infrastructure another motivation was the "configuration-in-file"-approach,that Gitlab CI offered,while Jenkins support of this concept was very limited and users had to resort to using the webinterface.Since the file is included within the repository,it is also version controlled,which was a huge plus for us.

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Decision about Spring-Boot,AngularJS,Apache Maven,Vault,GitLab,Sonatype Nexus,SonarQube,OpenShift,Docker,DeploymentWorkflow

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Spring-Boot Spring-Boot
AngularJS AngularJS
Apache Maven Apache Maven
Vault Vault
GitLab GitLab
Sonatype Nexus Sonatype Nexus
SonarQube SonarQube
OpenShift OpenShift
Docker Docker

We useDockerfor our#DeploymentWorkflowalong withOpenShift SonarQube Sonatype Nexus GitLab Vault Apache Maven AngularJS Spring-Boot

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