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For Etom,a side project.我们想测试一个未来更大项目的想法。

What Etom does is searching places.马上,it leverages theGoogle Maps应用程序编程接口。For that,we found a反应组件使集成变得容易,因为通过普通API请求无法使用Google地图API。

You kind of need a map to work as a proxy between the software and Google Maps API.

我们讨厌配置(来自Rails World),所以也决定使用创建React应用程序because setting up a React app,所有的玩具,it's a hard job.

Thanks to all the people behind创建React应用程序启动任何React应用程序都比较容易。


An important thing in this side project(and in the bigger project plan) is to measure visitor through out the app.For that we researched and found thatKeen是个不错的选择(非常好的自由层限制),而且也是very simple to setupreal simple to send data to

Slack特雷略are our defaults tools to comunicate ideas and discuss topics,so,no brainer using them as well for this project.

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在基金会上,我们的任务是为印度的基拉那商店提供快速贷款。We are an early stage startup with an ultra small Engineering team.我们迄今为止所做的所有技术决策都是基于我们的核心理念:“快速制造可用产品”。

Based on the above fundamentals,我们选择蟒蛇as our base language for all our APIs and micro-services.It is ultra easy to start with,yet provides great libraries even for the most complex of use cases.Our entire backend stack runs on蟒蛇我们不能对它更满意!If you are looking to deploy your API as server-less,Python provides one of the least cold start times.

We build our APIs withFlask.For backend database,我们的自然选择是蒙哥大.It frees up our time from complex database specifications - we instead use our time in doing sensible data modelling & once we finalize the data model,我们使用昂首阔步的用户界面.Mongo支持复杂的查询,通过聚合框架剔除困难数据,我们甚至构建了一个名为“Poetry”的内部框架。用于聚合查询。

我们的网络应用程序建立在VUE JSVuetify武克斯.最初我们围绕选择争论了很多VUE JS或反应,but finally settled withVUE JS,主要是因为使用方便,fast development cycles & awesome set of libraries and utilities backing Vue.

你根本不能出错VUE JS.很好的文件,图书馆是超小型的,而且燃烧得很快。选择VUE JS是做出的关键决定之一,which enabled us to launch our web app in under a month (which otherwise would have taken 3 months easily).对于那些想要大牌的人,Adobe,阿里巴巴和Gitlab也在使用Vue。

通过选择Vuetify,我们在设计CSS文件时节省了数千人的时间。Vuetifycontains all key material components for designing a smooth User experience & it just works!这是一个很棒的框架。All of us at FundsCorner are now lifelong fanboys ofVUE JSVuetify.

On the infrastructure side,我们所有的API服务和后端服务都是通过Zappa.Zappa通过将部署代码所需的一切打包为AWS Lambda.我们现在沉迷于通过Zappa.试试看,你会变的!

也,如果您正在使用Zappa,您可以大大简化CI/CD管道。Do try it!It's just awesome! will be astonished by the savings you have made on AWS bills at end of the month.

我们的CI/CD管道使用吉塔实验室.The documentation is very good & it enables you to go from from concept to production in minimal time frame.

We useSentry所有事故报告和解决方案。专业小贴士,它们确实有处理程序AWS Lambda,这使得我们的集成非常容易。

All our micro-services including APIs are event-driven.我们的后台微服务是面向消息的,我们使用Amazon SQSas our message pipe.我们有自己的内部工作流管理器来协调整个微服务。

我们的静态网站位于Netlify.最酷的事情之一Netlifyis the automated CI / CD on git push.You just do a git push to deploy!Again,它的使用非常简单,而且非常有效。We were dogmatic about going server less even on static web sites & you can go server less onNetlify几分钟后。It's just a few clicks away.

We useGoogle Compute Engine,尤其是我们人工智能实验的谷歌愿景。

For Ops automation,we useSlack.Slack提供了一个超级丰富的API(通过Slack应用程序),通过它您可以为无聊的操作任务编织神奇的自动化。

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G套房G套房 ZoomZoom SlackSlack 电影英雄电影英雄

Using电影英雄通过Slack变得非常可怕。Video and sound quality was often times pretty bad and worst of all the service just wasn't reliable.收购完成后,我们都抱有很高的希望,但最终,the product just didn't live up to expectations.我们最终尝试了Zoomafter I had heard about it from some friends at other companies.我们注意到视频/声音质量更好,更重要的是它是超级可靠。Slack集成太棒了(只需输入/缩放,它就会启动一个调用)

您可以安排有帮助的定期通话。有一个G套房(google calendar)集成,允许您通过单击按钮添加缩放呼叫(w/dial-in-info+链接到web/mobile)。

会议录音(视频和音频)非常好,you get recordings stored in the cloud on the higher tier plans.我们的工程师之一,Jerome,实际上,使用slack api和zoom api构建了一个很酷的slack集成,这样每次处理记录时,一个链接被发布到“事件记录”频道。The iOS app is great too!

#WebAndVideoConferencing #videochat

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Often enough I have to explain my way of going about setting up a CI/CD pipeline with multiple deployment platforms.Since I am a bit tired of yapping the same every single time,I've decided to write it up and share with the world this way,并派人去读;)。I will explain it on "live-example" of how the Rome got built,basing that current methodology exists only of and wishes of good luck (as it usually is ;)).

它总是从一个应用程序开始,whatever it may be and reading the readmes available whileVagrant虚拟机正在安装和更新。Following that is the first hurdle to go over - convert all the instruction/scripts intoAnsible剧本(S)只有在清理时才停止vagrant uporvagrant reloadwe will have a fully working environment.As ourVagrantenvironment is now functional,it's time to break it!现在是寻找如何做得更好的时候了(太死板/太失去版本控制?Sloppy environment setup?) and replace them with the right way to do stuff,one that won't bite us in the backside.This is the point,and the best opportunity,to upcycle the existing way of doing dev environment to produce a proper,生产级产品。

I should probably digress here for a moment and explain why.我坚信,部署生产的方式与部署开发的方式相同,很少有调试友好的设置。这样可以避免生产方式与开发方式之间的差异,它几乎总是导致颈部后部疼痛,and with use of proper tools should mean no more work for the developers.That's why we start withVagrantas developer boxes should be as easy asvagrant up,但我们产品的肉在于Ansiblewhich will do meat of the work and can be applied to almost anything: AWS,裸露的金属,docker,LXC,in open net,在VPN后面-你可以命名它。

在这一点上,我们还必须适当考虑监测和记录汽笛。My generic answer here is to grab弹性搜索基巴纳,和原木.虽然对于不同的用例可能有更好的解决方案,this one is well battle-tested,性能合理,很容易垂直(在某些限制范围内)和水平缩放。Logstash rules are easy to write and are well supported in maintenance throughAnsible,which as I've mentioned earlier,are at the very core of things,基于弹性和Kibana创建触发器/报告和警报通常是轻而易举的,包括一些非常复杂的聚合。

如果我们对Ansibleit's time to move on and put all those roles and playbooks to work.即,我们需要一些东西来管理我们的CI/CD管道。为了我,the choice is obvious:团队城市.It's modern,robust and unlike most of the light-weight alternatives,it's transparent.我的意思是它不会告诉你怎么做,doesn't limit your ways to deploy,或测试,或者包装。相反,它为您的管道提供了一个开发人员友好和丰富的游乐场。You can do most the same withJenkins,but it has a quite dated look and feel to it,同时还缺少一些必须通过插件引入的关键功能(如内置的Quality Rest API团队城市).它还附带了所有常见的便捷插件,比如SlackorApache Maven整合。

从一个应用程序到另一个应用程序,CI和CD之间的确切流变化太大,无法描述,所以我将概述一些指导我的规则:1。使构建步骤尽可能小。This way when something breaks,we know exactly where,而不需要挖和根around.2。除了开发环境之外,所有安全凭证都必须来自个人Vaultinstances.Keys to those containers should exist only on the CI/CD box and accessible by a few people (the less the better).This is pretty self-explanatory,as anything besides dev may contain sensitive data and,有时,面向公众。Because of that appropriate security must be present.团队城市在这个部门有出色的机密管理。构建链的每个部分都将消耗和生成工件。如果它什么都不创造,它可能不应该是它自己建造的。这样,如果在任何环境或版本中出现任何问题,所有开发人员都必须这样做,即获取适当的工件以在本地复制问题。Deployment builds should be directly tied to specificGit分支/标签。这使得更容易跟踪问题的起因,包括自动识别和标记作者(与自动回归测试不同!).

Speaking of deployments,我通常尽量保持简单,但同时也要密切注意钱包。Because of that,I am more than happy with AWS or another cloud provider,but also constantly peeking at the loads and do we get the value of what we are paying for.Often enough the pattern of use is not constantly erratic,但它有一个坚实的基线,可以从云端迁移到裸金属盒中。That is another part where this approach strongly triumphs over the commonDockerCircleCI设置,where you are very much tied in to use cloud providers and getting out is expensive.Here to embrace bare-metal hosting all you need is a help of some container-based self-hosting software,我的个人偏好是使用proxmox和LXC.Following that all you must write are ansible scripts to manage hardware of Proxmox,和你一样Amazon EC2(Ansible非常支持这两者)你很高兴去。一个不排除另一个,quite the opposite,as they can live in great synergy and cut your costs dramatically (the heavier your base load,节省的成本越大),同时提供生产级的弹性。

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作为一家小型初创公司,我们非常清楚如何使用运行项目所用的工具。After suffering with a mess of using at the same time特雷略Slack,电报之类的,我们得到了一套满足我们当前所有需求的小工具。对于产品管理,文件共享、team communication etc we chose巴斯坎普对这件事再高兴不过了。用于客户支持和销售对讲机works amazingly well.我们正在使用MailChimpfor email marketing since over 4 years and it still covers all our needs.Then on payment side combination ofStripeOCTOBAT帮助我们处理所有付款并生成符合要求的发票。在技术方面,我们使用路障GitLab(对于代码和CI)。对于我们选择的公司电子邮件G套房.That all costs us in total around 300$ a month,很好。

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I chose斯格林因为它提供了开箱即用的安全服务解决方案来保护我的客户数据。我可以实时全面了解我的应用程序安全性,并降低抵御最常见威胁的风险。我的客户很高兴,我不需要在这方面花费任何工程资源或时间。We're only alerted when our attention is required and the data that is provided helps engineering teams easily remediate vulnerabilities.这个平台随着我们的发展而发展,当我们的第一个安全工程师加入公司时,它将允许我们拥有所有合适的工具。然后可以实施针对业务逻辑威胁的高级安全保护。

我的安装非常简单node . js红宝石apps.But Sqreen also supports蟒蛇爪哇PHPand soon.

It integrates well with the tools I'm using every daySlackPagerDuty还有更多。

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We useCircleCIfor#ContinuousIntegration.工作流通过一个简单的yaml文件进行配置,并在独立的内部运行。Docker容器。CircleCI埃斯林特,Brakeman,和鲁波科普to enforce code quality and security best practices.它与githubSlackto notify us of build progress and pass/failure statuses.

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That's why languages,框架,工具,and services that are easy to use and provide 0 to productive in less time,it's best.

也许吧node . jsframeworks might provide better features compared toRailsbut in terms of MVPs,for us Rails is the leading alternative.

Amazon EC2might be cheaper and more customizable thanHerokubut in the initial terms of a project,您需要尽早完成配置和部署。

Advanced configurations can be done down the road,当项目开始运作并盈利时,不是以前。

但我们关心的不是快速移动。我们也从一开始就把工作留给一个好的代码库,因此我们努力遵循这个代码库,尽我们所能,Ruby样式指南鲁波科普而在JavaScriptwith埃斯林特and StandardJS.

最后,comunication and keeping a good history of conversations,决定,and discussions is important so we use a mix ofSlackTwist

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SlackSlack 杰尔杰尔 ZoomZoom

Our team is made up of both remote and local employees.每天站起来后Zoom有一段时间,we started looking for a better solution.Having a fixed time for video meetings was problematic due to time zone differences.交流的信息被丢失给了错过会议的人,即使录制了视频,也无法进行超级访问。我们还有一个目标,就是尽量减少工作流中视频会议的数量,因为它们有点破坏性。

经过讨论,we landed on杰尔.它适用于远程/混合动力团队,since you can post your status any time.它与Slack,所以所有的帖子都集中在一个频道里。This allows you to browse posts and access information much more easily than you would in video form.It also makes it easy to keep track of daily tasks via a todo-style checklist.We've been using杰尔for several months now and it's worked out great for our team.

站立姿势 各种工具 遥控飞机

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