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Decision at Soluto about Docker Swarm,Kubernetes,Visual Studio Code,Go,TypeScript,JavaScript,C#,F#,.NET

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Software Engineer ·

Our first experience with.NETcore was when we developed our OSS feature management platform - Tweek ( wanted to create a solution that is able to run anywhere (super important for OSS),has excellent performance characteristics and can fit in a multi-container architecture.We decided to implement our rule engine processor inF#,our main service was implemented inC#and other components were built usingJavaScript/TypeScriptandGo.

Visual Studio Codeworked really well for us as well,it worked well with all our polyglot services and the .Net core integration had great cross-platform developer experience (to be fair,F# was a bit trickier) - actually,each of our team members used a different OS (Ubuntu,macos,windows).Our production deployment ran for a time onDocker Swarmuntil we've decided to adoptKuberneteswith almost seamless migration process.

After our positive experience of running .Net core workloads in containers and developing Tweek's .Net services on non-windows machines,C# had gained back some of its popularity (originally lost to Node.js),and other teams have been using it for developing microservices,k8s sidecars (like,cli tools,serverless functions and other projects...

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Decision about HTML5,Ruby,Babel,Webpack,Visual Studio Code,GraphQL,Graphcool Framework,Figma,TypeScript,JavaScript,Framework7,Css

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Software Engineer / Project Manager / Technical Architect ·

I needed to choose a full stack of tools for cross platform mobile application design & development.After much research,trying different tools,and 18 years of mobile design & development,these are what I came up with that work for me today:

For the client coding I choseFramework7because of its performance,easy learning curve and very well designed,beautiful UI widgets.I think it's perfect for solo development or small teams.I didn't like React Native.It felt heavy to me and rigid.Framework7allows the use of #CSS,which I think is the best technology to come out of the#WWWmovement.No other tech has been able to allow designers and developers to develop such flexible,high performance,customisable user interface elements that are highly responsive and hardware accelerated before.React Native contains a very limited interpretation of#CSSwhich I found very frustrating after using#CSSfor some years already and knowing its powerful features.The other very nice feature ofFramework7is that you can even build for the browser if you want your app to be available for desktop web browsers.This is not possible with React Native yet.

JavaScriptis very far from an ideal language,to say the least.To make life bearable I managed to configureTypeScriptto work with the latest version ofFramework7.This makes me feel like I'm back in the good old Java days.I considerTypeScriptto be one of the rare best creations to come out of Microsoft in some time.They must have an amazing team working on it.It's very powerful and flexible.

For the user interface design and prototyping I useFigma.Figmahas an almost identical user interface to Sketch but has the added advantage of being cross platform (MacOS and Windows).Its real-time collaboration features are outstanding and I use them a often as I work mostly on remote projects.Clients can collaborate in real-time and see changes I make as I make them.The clickable prototyping features inFigmaare also very well designed and mean I can send clickable prototypes to clients to try user interface updates as they are made and get immediate feedback.

For the UI icons I use Font Awesome Pro.They have the largest selection and best looking icons you can find on the internet.

For the backend I choseGraphcool Framework.It has great customer support and a very accessible free startup plan for working on new projects.I was never a fan of relational databases so I'm very pleased to see NoSQL /GraphQLdatabases coming to the fore and I'm happy to use them.No more server side API development required!NoSQL databases are so much more flexible and the way I think databases were meant to be from the start.

For the IDE I useVisual Studio Codewhich is blazingly fast and silky smooth for editing code with the ultimateTypeScriptchecking (since both products are written by Microsoft).

I useWebpackandBabelto compile theJavaScript.TypeScriptcan compile toJavaScriptdirectly butBabeloffers a few more options and polyfills so you can use the latestJavaScriptfeatures today and compile to be backwards compatible with virtually any browser.

I use someRubyscripts to process images with ImageMagick and pngquant to optimise for size and even auto insert responsive image code into theHTML5.Rubyis the ultimate cross platform scripting language.Even as your scripts become large,Rubyallows you to refactor your code easily and make it Object Oriented if necessary.I find it the quickest and easiest way to maintain certain aspects of my build process.

What tools do you use?Have you tried these ones?

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Decision at Samosprava about Java,Visual Studio Code,JavaScript,TypeScript

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I useTypeScriptbecause it is strongly typed superset ofJavaScriptthat provides many benefits.Integration with#IDElikeVisual Studio Codeis excellent.The main benefit is maintainability.Many error can be caught before code running.Also Angular recommendsTypeScriptas better alternative toJavaScript.Syntax is very easy to learn especially for people from theJavaworld.

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Decision about Prettier,Git,Magento,Sublime Text,PhpStorm,Visual Studio Code,PHP,Frontend

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Sr.Software Engineer at 亚博提现规则StackShare ·

I've been in the#frontendgame for about 7 years now.I started coding inSublime Textbecause all of the tutorials I was doing back then everyone was using it.I found the speed amazing compared to some other tools at the time.I kept usingSublime Textfor about 4-5 years.

I findSublime Textlacks some functionality,after all it is just a text editor rather than a full fledged IDE.I finally converted over toPhpStormas I was working withMagentoandMagentoas you know is mainly#PHPbased.

This was amazing all the features inPhpStormI loved,the debugging features,and the control click feature when you click on a dependency or linked file it will take you to that file.It was great.

PhpStormis kind of slow,I found thatPrettierwas taking a long time to format my code,and it just was lagging a lot so I was looking for alternatives.After watching some more tutorial videos I noticed that everyone was usingVisual Studio Code.So I gave it a go,and its amazing.

It has support for everything I need with the plugins and the integration withGitis amazing.The speed of this IDE is blazing fast,and I wouldn't go back to usingPhpStormanymore.I highly recommend givingVisual Studio Codea try!

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Decision at SustainOSS about Atom,Visual Studio Code,Microsoft

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I decided today was the day I would tryVisual Studio Code.I resisted for so long because I knew I would love it and would then have to find alternative extensions for the ones I have installed inAtom.So,that is what I am doing this weekend.Thank you#Microsoft

What extensions can't you live without?

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Decision at Airbnb about Apollo,GraphQL,Visual Studio Code,Git,GraphQLSchema

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Engineer at Airbnb ·

快乐我想证明之一GraphQL Summit talk I didis having so many helpful tools at my fingertips while building our product at Airbnb.This includes access toGitinVisual Studio Code,as well as the integrated terminal and tasks for running frequently-needed commands.

Of course,we also had some fun stuff to show forGraphQLandApollo!The part that most people had not seen was the newApollo GraphQL VS Code Extension.There is no need for me to copy over all juicy features from their marketing site (there are many!),but I will elaborate on one feature: Schema Tags.

If you are going to lint your queries against the schema you are working on,you will invariably be presented with the decision of "which schema?" The default may be your production schema ("current," by convention),but as we discuss in the demo,if you need to iterate and explore new ideas,you need the flexibility of targeting a provisional schema.

Since we are using Apollo Engine,publishing multiple schemas using tags allows us this flexibility,and multiple engineers can collaborate on a single proposed schema.Once proposed schema changes for a service are merged upstream and those changes are naturally flowing down in the current production schema,we can flip back to "current" in VS Code.Very cool.


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Decision about Visual Studio Code,Atom,Vim,Sublime Text,TextEditor

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Senior Backend Engineer at 亚博提现规则StackShare ·

I likedSublime Textfor its speed,simplicity and keyboard shortcuts which synergize well when working on scripting languages like Ruby and JavaScript.I extended the editor with custom Python scripts that improved keyboard navigability such as autofocusing the sidebar when no files are open,or changing tab closing behavior.

But customization can only get you so far,and there were little things that I still had to use the mouse for,such as scrolling,repositioning lines on the screen,selecting the line number of a failing test stack trace from a separate plugin pane,etc.After 3 years of wearily moving my arm and hand to perform the same repetitive tasks,I decided to switch toVimfor 3 reasons:

  • your fingers literally don't ever need to leave the keyboard home row (I had to remap the escape key though)
  • it is a reliable tool that has been around for more than 30 years and will still be around for the next 30 years
  • I wanted to "look like a hacker" by doing everything inside my terminal and by becoming a better Unix citizen

The learning curve is very steep and it took me a year to master it,but investing time to be truly comfortable with my#TextEditorwas more than worth it.To me,Vim comes close to being the perfect editor and I probably won't need to switch ever again.It feels good to ignore new editors that come out every few years,likeAtomandVisual Studio Code.

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Decision at Codecov about Visual Studio Code,Vue.js,CoffeeScript,JavaScript,TypeScript

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CTO at Codecov ·

We choseTypeScriptat Codecov when undergoing a recent rewrite of a legacy front end.Our previous front end was a mishmash of vanillaJavaScriptandCoffeeScript,and was expanded upon haphazardly as the need arose.Without a unifying set of paradigms and patterns,theCoffeeScriptandJavaScriptsetup was proving hard to maintain and expand upon by an engineering team.During a move toVue.js,we decided to also make the move toTypeScript.IntegratingTypeScriptandVue.jsis fairly well understood at this point,so the setup wasn't all that difficult,and we felt that the benefits of incorporatingTypeScriptwould outweigh the required time to set it up and get our engineering team up to speed.

Choosing to addTypeScripthas given us one more layer to rely on to help enforce code quality,good standards,and best practices within our engineering organization.One of the biggest benefits for us as an engineering team has been how well our IDEs and editors (e.g.,Visual Studio Code) integrate with and understandTypeScript.This allows developers to catch many more errors at development time instead of relying on run time.The end result is safer (from a type perspective) code and a more efficient coding experience that helps to catch and remove errors with less developer effort.

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Decision at Config Cat about .NET,MySQL,Visual Studio Code,Angular 2,C#,TypeScript,Linode,Frontend,Backend,Configcat

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ConfigCat ·
.NET.NET MySQLMySQL Visual Studio CodeVisual Studio Code Angular 2Angular 2 C#C# TypeScriptTypeScript LinodeLinode

When designing the architecture for#Configcat,we were dreaming of a system that runs on a small scale on low-cost infrastructure at the beginning and scales well later on when the requirements change.Should be platform independent,high performing and robust at the same time.Since most of our team were born and raised using Microsoft's enterprise-grade technologies in the last decade,we wanted to build on that experience.Finding the best solution was quite challenging.Finally,we came up with the idea of a.NETCorebackendbecause it runs on all platforms highly scalable and we could start up with 5$LinodeLinux server.As a#frontendframework,we have chosen Angular mostly because ofTypeScriptwhich felt familiar and was easy to get used to after strongly typed languages likeC#and the community support behindAngular 2is awesome.Visual Studio Codemakes the coding sessions with Live Share great fun and very productive.MySQLas a database is again is very affordable in the beginning,performs great a scales well and integrates with .NET Core's Entity Framework super easy.

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Decision about SVN (Subversion),Git,JSON,XML,Python,PHP,Java,Swift,JavaScript,Linux,GitHub,Visual Studio Code

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I useVisual Studio Codebecause is a mature and I can do practically everything using it.

  • It's free and open source: The project is hosted onGitHuband it's free to download,fork,修改,为项目作出贡献。

  • Multi-platform: You can download binaries for different platforms,included Windows (x64),MacOS andLinux(.rpmand.debpackages)

  • LightWeight: It runs smoothly in different devices.It has an average memory and CPU usage.Starts almost immediately and it's very stable.

  • Extended language support: Supports by default the majority of the most used languages and syntax likeJavaScript,HTML,C#,Swift,Java,PHP,Pythonand others.Also,VS Code supports different file types associated to projects like.ini,.properties,XMLandJSONfiles.

  • Integrated tools: Includes an integrated terminal,debugger,problem list and console output inspector.The project navigator sidebar is simple and powerful: you can manage your files and folders with ease.The command palette helps you find commands by text.The search widget has a powerful auto-complete feature to search and find your files.

  • Extensible and configurable: There are many extensions available for every language supported,including syntax highlighters,IntelliSense and code completion,and debuggers.There are also extension to manage application configuration and architecture like Docker and Jenkins.

  • Integrated withGit: You can visually manage your project repositories,pull,commit and push your changes,and easy conflict resolution.( there is support forSVN (Subversion)users by plugin)

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